Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nightmare Before Christmas Stockings!

The story of my life is to come up with new homemade items for my friends and family for Christmas. Some years inspiration hits and other years i'm scrambling to find ideas days before Christmas. Luckily this year I knew exactly what to make my friends, Nightmare Before Christmas minimalistic Christmas Stockings!

For my Best Friend, Kelly, I made her a Sally Stocking. Sally took the most time to make mostly due to her multi colored dress and hand stitching the whole stocking.
 Next up was for Kelly's Boyfriend, James, who I made a Oogie Boogie stocking. Also hand stitched
My friend Taylor absolutely loves Oogie Boogie too so I made him one as well.
And lastly was my friend Tyler, who wanted a Zero Stocking.

Im pretty happy with how these stockings came out and I hope to be able to (some time this year) make myself a NBC stocking with Lock, Shock,and Barrel (my favs!) and I will probably make my wonderful Boyfriend a stocking as well hopefully one that will match my NBC stocking but most likely a Yoshi or Mario stocking but only time will tell.

And just because I have more pictures of these stockings i'm going to photo bomb this post!! Muwhahahahahahaaaaaa!!! PHOTO BOMB!!!
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