Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Going to sing the Doom Song now! Doom, da-Doom Doom! Doom!

Doom! I absolutely LOVE Jhonen Vasquez and his work. I love Johnny the Homicidal maniac, Squee, and Invader Zim. But none of those compares to my love of Gir, the little robotic dog on Invader Zim. He is so spastic and adorable and who wouldnt like to have a dog that was green? A couple months ago (wow it is taking me a while to post all my creations these past few months) my friend April called me up asking if I would be interested in making a Gir comforter for her niece for Christmas. My imediate answer was "Heck Yea!!" I had made two Gir blankets previously so it was nothing new.

  The first Gir Blanket was for my friend Casey's Baby Shower (Invader Zim themed) and what baby wouldnt want a soft fluffy dog blanket? Hmmm doesnt quite sound right does it? Maybe fluffy soft Gir blanket? Yea, that sounds better :) These are a couple of pictures of that blanket. I made the front with fleece and the back with Joann's Soft and comfy fabric. It was a HUGE hit at the baby shower, everyone was very impressed with it and asked where I bought it. Everyone seemed to want one at the shower and yet no one contacted me about me making one. Oh well, I didnt really mind anyhow.
The second Gir blanket was for my best friend, Kelly, who incidently is Casey's younger sister. With Kelly's blanket it was substantually larger than the baby blanket I had previously made. This one had to be at least a full size blanket and honestly when I bought the supplies I had done some major mathmatical errors. Turned out I hadnt purchased enough of the front material to cover it. But with some quick calculations and some alternations to the design it came together very well. I sent it off to Kelly (who lives in California) before I realized I hadnt taken any pictures of it. Luckily she was nice enough to send me a picture of her with her new blanket. This blanet was made with a flannel top and a soft and comfy backing (I just love the uber softness of it!!)
So that takes us to the third Gir blanket that I made! By this point I wanted to try Gir in a different position or something different with the structure of the blanket. So I chose to make him sitting down and all excited (as he usually is). The front is made from cotton with all the purple(semi-pink?) squares having stars on them. As per my usual tradition I used the soft and comfy as the backing. I just love soft fluffy fabrics and I love sewing with them. They just make the world a little brighter for me.
I feel like I need to clarify that my closest friends live in California while I live in Utah so there is a lot of shipping involved when it comes to me making gifts for them. With that said April LOVED the comforter. It is soft and fluffy (LOTS of batting was put in it) and these pictures dont really do it justice (they turned out too dark). I havent really heard whether her niece loved it as much as she did but I am only assuming that she did. April's son Taylor actually lives with his cousin and he told me he was going to steal it from her if she didnt like it so I figured I must of done well.
It gives me such an unjustifiable amount of joy to create these blankets for other people. To see the joy on their faces or hear what they truly thought of my work inspires me to continue with my creations. I truly hope that I will never have to give this up, it really is a great happiness in my life. 

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