Saturday, July 14, 2012

Toothless the Nightfury

My best friend Kelly is absolutely in love with Dragons and even more in love with Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. Thus the challenge began! Now I have never created a dragon before and wasnt quite sure how to proceed in making one, soooo I cheated and found a pattern already made on Deviantart.
Behold! The Completed Dragon!!! Love him in all of his glory!!
I made him for Kelly's Birthday which is in August so I still have plenty of time left over before her big day :)
I misplaced his wings a little to far back but you dont really notice it unless your looking for it and all in all for it being my first dragon and the pattern I used i am very happy with him :)

My First Commission!

I'm so excited! I got my first commission a couple weeks ago and I finally finished up what she wanted me to create! Its nothing to complicated but it will still hold a special place in my heart since it is my first commissioned piece :) She wanted some World of Warcraft Horde bedding but was on a budget. She gave me how much she could spend and what she wanted and I tried my best to make it with in that amount. Shockingly I actually was able to make what she really wanted and still stay in the price range.
Here is the completed project. I made a fleece throw with the Horde emblem on them along with two pillowcases ^_^ Im so excited about the whole thing that it is actually encouraging me to make more things for my shop on Etsy!!!

I hope she is as excited about recieving it as I was about making it!!


This is Scrump! I made her... but her head is too big, so I pretend that a bug laid eggs in her ear and she is upset because she only has a few more days to....
Scrump gave me some difficulty to make, her head was a giant obstacle ironically lol. This was the 5th pattern I had drawn up and created and seemed to be the closest my frustrated mind seemed able to handle at the time. I'm pretty happy with her considering where I started out with but I still think her head is a little too square and her body a little too full.
I decided to make her after finding out that you could only find her in Japan and it would cost at least 30 dollars for a really simple Scrump. I am going to come back to her pattern in the future and refine her appearance so it is more accurate, I'm still a little too frustrated to work on her at this moment and I have a lot of Halloween crafting im doing this year plus a lot of Disney things that I have been waiting to make so i believe all my frustration will be let out by the time I get a chance to adjust her pattern.

Friday, June 22, 2012

My First Post!

Hello Everyone! Today is my first post, true half the year is gone and I feel like I should of started this blog in January like I planned. Unfortunately Life gets busy and hectic and things dont go as planned very often. So here I am starting my blog at the end of June but better late than never. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Crystal, I am currently living in Salt Lake City, UT after moving here from Bright and Sunny Southern California. I am absolutely Disney obsessed, I have loved it ever since I can remember. My Grandparents were at the Grand Opening of Disneyland in 1955, growing up listening to their magical stories and getting to go to this magical land only intensified my love for this wonderful dream of Walt Disney's. I'm 24 years old now, and if life has taught me one thing it is that there really is Magic in this world and you are NEVER ever to old to love Disney.
Disney is only part of my life though, the part of me that still believes that dreams come true and wishing on stars will give you what you want. I have a darker side. Not like sacrificing goats up to the almighty god Ra. I just really enjoy the Dark Side of things, I love spooky places and horror films, I also really enjoy the classic sort of horror, before it was just for a scream reaction. Like the 80's movie Fly, I still have nightmares about that movie. The anamatronics and attention to detail still astounds me! Horror movies were great before CGI, now most shows are so full of it that it takes down the quality of the movie. But enough about that! The real reason to start this blog is because I recently opened up my own crafting business and I wanted to share all my projects with everyone.