Saturday, July 14, 2012


This is Scrump! I made her... but her head is too big, so I pretend that a bug laid eggs in her ear and she is upset because she only has a few more days to....
Scrump gave me some difficulty to make, her head was a giant obstacle ironically lol. This was the 5th pattern I had drawn up and created and seemed to be the closest my frustrated mind seemed able to handle at the time. I'm pretty happy with her considering where I started out with but I still think her head is a little too square and her body a little too full.
I decided to make her after finding out that you could only find her in Japan and it would cost at least 30 dollars for a really simple Scrump. I am going to come back to her pattern in the future and refine her appearance so it is more accurate, I'm still a little too frustrated to work on her at this moment and I have a lot of Halloween crafting im doing this year plus a lot of Disney things that I have been waiting to make so i believe all my frustration will be let out by the time I get a chance to adjust her pattern.

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