Sunday, January 20, 2013

Giddy Up Little Horsee!

So what do you make for a niece that is spoiled so much she didnt want anything for Christmas? It took quite a while to come up with it but I thought "Hey! She is always asking for a purple pony, I can do that!" Thus the brilliant plan was born! I would create her an old fashioned Hobby horse. I wanted to make one that was going to be her friend and she could play with. What I came up with was this.
Forgive the horrible pictures, unfortunately the house was full of children and relatives with just no room (or clean space) to take some semi decent pictures. I am pretty happy with how the horse came out and the pictures dont really do her mane justice. It is thick with at least five different yarns, plus tulle and some other kind of material I dont even know what it is called.
My niece loved her pony. She loved it so much she started to dance around with it. So adorable!

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