Monday, January 14, 2013


Wow, I cant believe how time flies. It seems like I was just posting some projects of mine the other day but that was way back in August. Since then a ton of things have happened in my life, mostly to do with items I have created. I am a member on and back in September I joined the 13 Days of Halloween swap, the small swap and the big one. Worst. Idea. Ever. I was sooo swamped and I had all my college courses on top of all the crafting I was doing. But I still managed to get everything done on time (including my essays!) and I am very proud of the creations I made.

I didnt get very good pictures of a lot of the creations but the ones that I did I wanted to share with you so you can be as stoked as I am about them ( sorry a tad bit excitable at the moment)

First up, Nighmare before Christmas Jars!
I found these jars at a thrift shop and they had the perfect shape to make these usable jars!
A little Harleyquin doll. I had a left over body from my Devil's Carnival dolls that I made so I just sewed on her suit and painted on her lips and she was ready to go! Im not very happy that I couldnt get her mask cut out right but after about the 5th try I was just so frustrated I gave up.
 Mummy Kitty! She was a blast to make. so easy and so quick too. She is covered with gauze and has a posable tail :)
A cardboard rolled witchy owl. I think considering how I had no clue what I was doing, she came out pretty good. I didnt really know about quilling when I made her, it was months later that I found an easier way of making her.
Four monster mice. I wish I had something for comparison. These mice are about and inch and a half tall and are ready to go bumb in the night.
Classic Horror Movie Poster Coasters! My swap partner absolutely LOVED these!
And the last project for todays post is a set of three Zombie Hankerchiefs.

I really loved making all these creations especially since they are Halloween orientated but next year I think I am going to try just making stuff for me or making stuff to sell in my Etsy shop.

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